Hi there.

I'm Astrid, a full stack software developer from Canada. I've been doing software development for 6+ years. Thats a long time (kind of), and in that time I've learned a lot!

Most of my development experience is in backend and developing desktop apps. But in the past couple of years, i've been studying frontend design for the web and mobile devices.

"If you've been studying frontend for a couple years why does your website look so bad?!" - you rn probably

Well, im the reason why you need to download 500MB of javascript. A lot, and i mean a lot of apps are transitioning to frontend frameworks (which is neither a good or bad thing). However, there are a lot of bad frontend developers that have no clue how to reduce their bundle sizes. *cough cough* looking at you Reddit. So this website is as bare bones as it gets. Just HTML. No javascript, no fancy animations. Just text.

Heres a list of all the projects i've worked on so far:

If you want small bundle sizes, and a super fast backend, contact me: [email protected] | astrid#8008 (discord)

(btw you wasted ~5kb of the internets bandwidth by visiting my website) waste more